Ballade de Nuit

Night Ballad

Fire show / Outdoor procession, night / variable duration / 4 to 6 performers


This show is in homage to Sarah, the patron saint of gypsies and travellers. It is a hymn to life. A hymn of love for the earth that bears us and gives us what we are made of. A hymn to the sense that we are all of the same life and come from the same breath.

A hymn that recognizes that we are transient, passing through, that we can take nothing with us, that this earth does not belong to us but that we, who “stole fire from the gods”, must one day come back to earth, bare-footed.

Yes, we stand here, between earth and the heavens, a transitory flame, bearing light.

We are invited to let ourselves be transported by the same Word, the same original flame. Invited to be borne by the earth and to bear fire, quite simply to be bearers of joy. The show is a poetic voyage for an ephemeral dream of light


  • Show designed for outdoors at night, with pyrotechnic effects, music and song.
  • In situ creation, adapted to the space available. It can take the form of a procession and/or a performance in a stationary location.
  • Duration 30 minutes to 1 hour, for 2 to 6 performers, adaptable to the context of your event.

Photo album – Aurillac Festival 2015

Performers Yohanna Biojoux, Lara Castiglioni, Virginie Charbonnier, Jean-Michel Riant, violon Yardani Torres.

Photos below: Daniel Bernal Picazo.

Photos below Augustina Iohan.