Through dance, movement and music, “Envol” invites you to a poetic journey of fire.

Fire dance / Outdoor & night / 45 minutes


As passing human gardeners, we plant seeds of light, peace and joy to illuminate our darkest nights and portend to the traveller the dawn of a positive new day for our blue planet and our one humanity.


Creation, fire and bird dances, set design: Lara Castiglioni

Music : Phil Von

Technical director / “Outside eye” creative assistant: Diane Vaicle

Costume: Souen

Practical information

The show is designed to be performed at night and outdoors

Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes prologue

Stage area: circular, with minimum diameter of 6 meters (20 feet)

Photos below: Augustina Iohan – Chalon dans la rue 2019


Thank you to the website obskure.com and to Emmanuël Hennequin for this kind article about the show (in French) .